The Progressives condemn Poland’s abortion ban

Political party “The Progressives” condemns the 22 October ruling by Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal to ban abortions related to fetal abnormalities. We stand with the more than 100 000 people, especially women, that have taken to the streets in opposition to the ruling. On 4 November we also participated in a pro-choice, pro-women protest at the Embassy of Poland in Latvia.

The new restrictions go even further in curbing women’s rights in Poland: the right to make decisions with one’s own body that has implications for a woman’s entire future, and may affect other lives. A woman should not require any legal excuse to conduct an abortion in a democratic, free country as it is unacceptable to restrict a woman’s right to her own body. Even more so when such restrictions are accompanied by demagoguery of “improving demographics” or religiously conservative views. These restrictions will most likely force women to conduct abortions in life threatening ways.

Read our stance on Poland’s abortion ban in Polish:

Potępiamy zakaz aborcji w Polsce!


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